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We are a local, family owned, grocery liquidation business.

The idea for Esh’s Grocery Market originated from Reuben Esh’s boyhood trips to discount markets in rural Pennsylvania. Affordable groceries, a family friendly atmosphere, and warm, helpful customer service are the memories and inspiration behind our stores in the Front Range.

In 2002, John, Sarah, Reuben, and Martha Esh opened a small discount grocery store at 4221 West Eisenhower Boulevard, in Loveland. In 2008, Reuben and Martha acquired full ownership. The making, development and success of our new store are a result of numerous contributors. Reuben’s younger brother Justin (our gneral store manager), many talented employees and our local customers all made an impact here in our newest location.

We can’t promise everything on your grocery list, but do offer a unique, daily treasure hunt of value and low prices for some on a tight budget and those who love to find a great deal. Our product availability is random because we purchase from many different outlets across the United States of overstocked, repackaged, seasonal and close dated items. This allows us to sell quality product that may otherwise end up being wasted. If it’s here today, you better buy because it may be gone by tomorrow!

Many items for sale are well within the expiration date. Other items are close dated or slightly past the expiration date. This allows Esh’s to offer you an affordable, fun and satisfying shopping experience.

Please see our cutomer service representative, located at the store entrance if you have any questions or comments. We welcome suggestions that might help us offer you a better shopping experience.

Thank you for shopping at Esh’s, have a blessed day!

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Esh's is a discount liquidation grocery store. We have been serving Northern Colorado since 2002.

Closeout, overstock, and straight from the source items are where we get most of our goods. We do the bargain hunting for you and pass those prices along.

All of our products are sold while supplies last. Here today and gone tomorrow is a good description of many of our great deals.

Our stock is constantly changing. Due to the wide range of variety, our employees will often not be able to take you directly to the item but should be able to point you in the right direction.

Due to our unique buying procedure, it is very hard to predict when and what we will get on the shelves each day. 

We sort all the food in our sorting warehouse so they check expiration dates on foods that are not to be sold after expired. We meet all health and environment regulations and have regular Health Inspections done to ensure the quality of our products. Here are two great resources to look at:

How to Understand Food Expiration Dates at the Grocery Store

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We have a 30 day return policy so If for any reason you need to return an item, you can do so if you have your receipt with you and receive store credit. We do not take returns without a receipt.

We receive shipments daily and have stockers that come in mornings to make sure the aisles are well stocked by 9:00 am.

Some estimates say that there are 70 billion lbs. of food waste in America each year. Also, 25-40% of food grown, processed, and transported in the U.S. will never be consumed!


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